Course Selection

Students currently in grades 6-11 completed course selection requests signed by parents for the school year. Schedules will be changed to alternate courses if course choices cannot be accommodated due to course conflicts. If a student fails to achieve the necessary final grade required for a teacher recommendation for a course, that change will be made automatically. Once the master schedule has been finalized in the spring, requests for course changes need to be approved by our administration in order to balance numbers in class sections.


Parents: Please help your child check his/her schedule, which he/she received on the first day in homeroom, to be sure there is an English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education or Strength and conditioning for 2 semesters, Health (10th grade required course), Personal Resource Management (10th grade-required course), and 2 electives. Please call the counseling office if you think that something is missing. (Note: Driver Ed. is not a graduation requirement and can only be scheduled for l0th graders.)

Schedule Adjustments

Every year the counselors handle questions regarding changes made to schedules over the summer. Changes are made based on the final grades earned and teacher recommendation. If a student has requested an accelerated/honors or AP course for the following year, the final grade in that discipline must be an A or B for an Honors course or an A in a non-Honors course. In addition, students need to achieve A, B, or C to go on to the next level of math and foreign languages. This policy is explained to students and parents during course selection meetings and is covered in the Program of Studies book which appears online.