Grading Information

Class Rank

Class rank is a student' s cumulative class standing based on GPA in grades 9 through 12. Rank is computed at the end of each year and at mid-year for seniors. Wyomissing Area's system for computing GPA offers little advantage for high-ranking students to take additional courses for the purpose of increasing their GPA's. Examples of calculating a GPA are available in the counseling office as well as the Program of Studies course selection book on the internet. The seventh semester class rank is used for determining the valedictorian and salutatorian. Third quarter grades are used for awards such as the Thelma Brunner Stabb.

Note: Only with the final grade of all A or B, AP courses have a weighted grade of .25 and Honors courses are weighted .2.

Report Cards

Students will receive their report cards in school with the expectation that they will take the responsibility of presenting them to their parents or guardians. Parents, therefore, need to make note of issue dates so that they can anticipate receiving this information from their child. See school calendar for dates for the end of quarters 1, 2, and 3. Final report cards will be mailed in June.


Our exam schedule is constructed to include only morning exam sessions. Students will not be attending school in the afternoon on exam days and do not need to be present at all unless they have a scheduled exam. There are no exam exemptions at mid-year.

Semester Schedule Changes

If your son or daughter needs to make a schedule change, please have him or her make an appointment as soon as possible with the Guidance department.

Mid-Year Reports To Colleges

The counseling office will send a mid-year report of grades to all colleges that have received an application from your son or daughter. The reports are mailed in February and will include a new rank and GPA for seniors. Seniors please note: even if you have been accepted into a college, the grades at mid-term and at the end of the year may cause colleges to reconsider their decisions.

Failure Warning Notices

Parents are reminded that each quarter is approximately 45 days long. Please be aware that warning notices are mailed home by the school midway through the quarter to alert parents of underachievement or failure. The dates for sending unsatisfactory notices are posted in the district calendar.

We encourage parents to call the teacher or notify the counseling office if they are not receiving their mail or if they would like to schedule a conference concerning the warning notice. We are glad to assist you in setting up preventive appointments.

Parents should encourage the use of the agenda book for recording grades as well as daily and long-term assignments. Parents should periodically check it to monitor student performance.

A Final Grade of D

Any student who receives a final grade of D in a 'high school" level of a world language or mathematics is strongly advised to repeat the course either in summer school or the following year. Because of the fundamental building blocks learned in these two disciplines, it is discouraged to move onto the next level. Consult with the teacher. If a student anticipates receiving a final grade of D, please come to the counseling office for a summer school registration form or to change the course selection sheet for next year.

Course Failures

Students who have failed three quarters in a course during the year will automatically receive a failing grade for the year in that course. In most cases, summer school will be necessary. Summer courses can be taken at neighboring school districts for remediation but not for additional credits.

Student Project

As part of the graduation requirements, students must complete and pass a project in one area of concentrated study under the direction of the high school faculty. This student project may include the English research paper or any other faculty approved, intellectually honest endeavor. Projects may be undertaken by individuals or groups of students and may be completed in grades 9-12. 9th graders are given information in an assembly in the fall.