PSAT/SAT prep classes are offered by the high school. Interested students should sign up in the counseling office as soon as possible since enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. It covers all 8 sessions and includes a text. It does not include the test itself. Checks payable to WASD.


College-bound juniors are encouraged to register for the January or April SAT l: Reasoning Test. This test will have three sections: critical reading, a math and writing which includes an essay. Calculators are allowed for math computation. Some colleges require the SAT ll: Subject Tests. These one hour tests measure achievement in eighteen areas. Students will choose which ones they will take. These tests should be taken as soon as a student finishes a course in that subject.


Students are responsible for knowing whether they need to take SAT II for a particular college. SAT subject tests are required at fewer than 100 colleges and universities for entrance but at more schools for placement. These tests measure achievement in many different subjects: English literature, US history, World History, Math level I and II, Biology, chemistry, Physics, French,German, Spanish,Italian, Latin, Chinese and Modern Hebrew.

In the last five years students taking the SAT II Subject tests could not pick and choose which tests to send to the colleges.

Students need to familiarize themselves with application requirements by checking the websites of each college or university. Counselors will be visiting Honors Biology classes to talk about SAT II registration for those tests.


Students who have a current documented disability may take the SAT or ACT Program test with accommodations appropriate to that disability. Please make sure that you talk to your counselor prior to registering for the test. Instructions for registration are on page 4 and 5 of the SAT Registration Bulletin. Students and parents are reminded that if extended time is not part of the IEP or is not utilized throughout the year, College Board will not allow it.


The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) or National Merit Qualifying Exam is given to all sophomores and any junior who is interested. Please check with the guidance office for the administration date. Students who wish to take the PSAT should sign up in the counseling office and have cash or a check made out to Wyomissing Area Jr./Sr. High School. Scores will be returned to students at a later date during an assembly.

Note: 11th graders should take the PSAT in the fall of their junior year whether or not they took it in 10th grade in order to qualify for the National Merit Qualifying Program.


In order for students to qualify for entrance into AP courses students must show outstanding achievement and exceptional motivation. The AP courses indicate rigor to the colleges and depending on the score on the AP exam can gain college credit which ultimately saves money during college. Colleges are giving more attention to the scores of the AP exams for admissions. All Wyomissing Area students who enroll in an AP course must pay for and take the AP exam in May. Often AP teachers provide additional studying opportunities beyond the regular school day. Students and parents should be advised that taking these classes could be very time consuming, especially in the spring. See college requirements.

The CEEB code needed for the AP tests is 395-410. Any student who cannot afford the cost of the AP exams should see your counselor.


If your son or daughter has an IEP or Chapter 15 plan that requires extended time for test-taking, and is in the appropriate grade for taking the PSAT's or SAT's, please contact your counselor about completing the documentation for extended time on these tests. Please note that the student must be using extended time throughout the year to qualify for extended time for the SATs.